Rolling Acres Lesson Program

Each lesson focuses on the individual needs and level of the rider and their riding goals.  Please contact us at 864-380-8858 or to schedule a lesson. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Evaluation Lesson: Contact us below to set up an evaluation lesson. An evaluation lesson is an hour long private lesson in which you tack up the horse, ride for 30 min, and untack the horse.  We evaluate your ability to take care of the horse and your current level of riding in order to set you or your child on a program for success! 

  • Attire: All students are required to wear appropriate attire including: riding boots, gloves, long pants or breeches, and an ASTM/SEI approved helmet at all times when riding. We do have riding helmets available for you to use if you do not own one. If you plan to continue with lessons we do recommend you purchase your own helmet.

Rolling Acres Lessons

    Classical dressage and natural horsemanship is the heart of the Rolling Acres Riding Program. Classical Riding is beneficial to all disciplines​ and helps riders achieve a better partnership on the ground and in the saddle.  We use progressive a teaching method that  focuses on balance, position and use of aids.  Working toward becoming a true partner with the horse, being sensitive to the horse's needs, while progressing through the lesson with empathy and understanding.    ​

     We offer both group and private lessons. Group lessons usually range from 3-4  students and are a great opportunity for students to learn and work together.   Private lessons are one on one and individually focused. We have found that it is better for the beginners to start with private lessons until they become comfortable and confident to take part in group lessons. Both advanced and intermediate riders benefit from both private and semi private lessons. Each lesson is approximately 1 hour.

Rolling Acres Farms Lesson Information

 Please view the links below and complete Waiver of Liability when you before you attend. If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or guardian read and sign.

Rolling Acres

Barn Rules

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Waiver of Liability Form